SIS Group & DETAY Quality helps companies by providing their frontline employees with the trust and knowledge they need to foster productivity, safety and a culture. Many leading manufacturing companies today use our innovative training technologies and compliance verification platform.

“No People Assurance, Without Quality Assurance”

SIS Group & DETAY Quality helps you, monitor, assess, and improve your employees’ performance and skills. Our expertise incorporates good manufacturing practices, sourcing and development necessities, testing strategy, evolving technology and markets, international and regional regulatory developments, quality management systems certifications, etc. Our professional training services help clients and their supply chain management in fulfilling demands, improving business products and processes, and meeting requirements.

Keep going with the latest developments in regulations, technology, and standards with high-quality training and development for all the levels of your organization – anywhere in the world. Involve our training service and experts and gain assurance that your business & key personnel is all set to reach the top of their profession.

SIS Group & DETAY Quality performs both personal and professional development training. Following are the training below-

  • Welder Training
  • Welding Coordination Personal Training
  • NDT Personal Training
  • NDT Equipment Training
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Training