Engineering & Consultancy Services

Welding Engineering
Engineering services during all production steps

  • Preparing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
  • Planning, executing, and approving of Welding Procedure Qualification
  • (WPAR/PQR) Tests
  • Welder qualification and tests
  • Overview of contract and construction control
  • Traceability and control of material (parent material and consumables)
  • Sub-contractor conformity audits
  • Production Planning (WPS, PQR, work instructions, featuring equipment, welder certifications, welding plans, examination criteria, health and safety, and environment rules)
  • Examination and inspection of welding
  • Planning and executing of inspections

Areas of work

Risk Assessment

Risk can occur during operating, fabricating, commissioning of the industrial facilities, erecting, preventing, and designating. We use updated HSE Management Systems and Risk Assessment method. SIS Group & DETAY Quality supplier services are listed below.

  • Reliability and Conformance Audit
  • Labor Health and Safety Audit and Training
  • Fire Protection System Control
  • Reviewing Procedure and Instructions
  • Following Maintenance Works
  • Auditing Inspection Process
  • Auditing Work at Height and Elevating Work Platforms
  • Performing Risk Analysis

Consultancy Services

We offer technical advice, project base special recommendations, and consulting services to our dear customers based on the experience of our qualified and dedicated team of engineers. We, SIS Group & DETAY Quality offer consulting services with our technical knowledge in the fields of – painting specification, technical specification, welding procedure, work planning, work preparation, packaging & shipment, painting, and coating. Being in command of all processes, we foresee and purge the possible problems that may occur during the project and give support in taking the necessary actions.

In manufacturing processes, we ensure that the best suppliers for the company’s requirements are well-recognized and the supply processes are progressive. When an order is placed we constantly track the project, send regular informative reports to customers and make sure production is accomplished in time and with the preferred quality.

In all production work, we select the supplier that best fits for the production to be done, direct us throughout the production process, and share information with our customers regarding the steps to be taken according to the certification regulations.