About Us

SIS and Dalle Nogare & Sachs in cooperation with Detay Quality is a unique Cooperation where 35 Years of German Industry Knowledge come together with a full Certificated and Accredited Service Supplier who cover the fully QM Sector incl. our own Laboratory. Further, we refer also to our attached reference list with executed Projects in the middle east where our German Experts were directly involved in Fabrication, Service, Trouble Shooting, or consultancy Services.

Due to our well-established networks, we are also able to give our clients access to Spare Parts incl. support for the full procurement process. Industrial Control, Supervision, and Consultancy Services provide inspection, supervision, certification, and consultancy services in compliance with international standards and codes by the well-experienced and skilled technical staff. Supported by Senior Industry and Fabrication Experts from SACHS Industrial solutions.

Our team is frequently trained on an international level and standards. The goal of SIS and Dalle Nogare & Sachs in cooperation with Detay Quality is, to be a trustworthy solution partner, in respect of the quality requirements and Project execution as per customer expectations. We like to offer our clients, not a product we like to offer solutions.

Our areas of expertise

  • Quality
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Project Management
  • Outsourcing Support
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Supply of Experts and Senior Experts (long term and short term )

Industrial Inspections & Audits

On welded manufacturing, mechanical and electrical equipment and system production, steel construction, marine vehicles, and construction; SIS&DETAY inspectors carry out technical inspections continuously or in identified periods as per the work requirements and supervise conformity to international standards and codes, technical specifications, and customers’ special requirements, independently, both of customer and manufacturer.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

During fabrication and erection projects, quality control and quality assurance services are supplied by SIS and Dalle Nogare & Sachs in cooperation with Detay Quality with well-skilled engineers and technicians. Scope of services cover

  • Preparing technical Specification
  • Overview of contract
  • Preparing and approving of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
  • Preparing quality documentation
  • Quality assurance work of every step of production
  • Planning and performing of Non-destructive Tests
  • Preparing and control of Welding Plan/Methodology
  • Inspection of fabrication and welding process

Meet our team of professional expert contractors

Albert Sachs

Global Managing Director
Sachs Industrial Solution Liberia Inc

With 30+ years of experience worldwide in more than 27 countries, Albert is managing the company and performing his tasks including Project Coordination, Production Planning, and Strategic Sourcing Planning.

His bouquet of degrees including Master Degree in Steel Fabrication, Bachelor Professional and Master Professional in Technical Business and Administration, Master Degree in Welding, International Welding Specialist, NDT Specialist and many other certificates.

Over the last 30 Years he was executing Projects for the mining and material handling industry, during this time he participated to some of the biggest mining and petro chemical Projects ever realized like Baffinland, Ruwais for ADNOC, Yanbu for Saudi Aramco and many others more.

Currently, the company is executing projects in different countries e.g. Abu Dhabi, Peru, Marokko, and Russia.

Arif Erkan

Chairman of Detay

Arif ERKAN had been delivering Inspection, Surveillance, and Consultancy services to various leading companies belong to the field of geothermal and steel construction, for the last many years. After observing the requirement in the sector, he established DETAY KALITE Industrial Certification, and Inspection Service Company in 2011 intending to put years of experience into it, and then SIS is established.

Our company has now succeeded in becoming the “Control Point”, the certification and conformity assessment institution is chosen by top institutions of our country. We are vigorously attempting to meet all the testing, surveillance, and certification service needs of our manufacturers.

Mirko Dalle Nogare

Business Development Director
Chairman of EPCM
General Manager Dalle Nogare & Sachs

Mirko Dalle Nogare has +20 years of experience worldwide in more than 55 countries, and he has secured top management positions in various multinational companies so far. His bouquet of degrees (including MBA in Finance & Baking, Master Degree in Structural Engineering, Bachelor in Mechanic, and specializaiton courses in Private equity, Venture Capital etc.) is a witness of having a high level of dedication towards the work. Mr. Mirko has vast experience/knowledge in the fabrication of Industrial Plants, Installation, and Commissioning. Moreover, he has high-risk enthusiasm with proven work experience in adverse situations with management and resolution of conflict situations.

Josef Bieg

Head of Supervision and member of the board
Sachs Industrial Solution Liberia Inc

Josef Bieg brings more than 40 years of experience to his position as Head of Supervision, and over many years Mr. Bieg has played a significant role in production management and project execution in countless projects at Thyssenkrupp.
Mr. Bieg is a founding member and part of the management; SACHS Industrial Solutions is proud to have such a competent partner in our team.
His wealth of international experience and motivation have always been highly appreciated by all our customers and partners.

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